Les différences raciales en termes d’intelligence générales étant essentiellement génétiques, elles existent depuis des milliers d’années (probablement au moins les 10 mille dernières années).

“National IQs and measures of technological development given by Comin, Easterly and Gong (2010) are presented for 133 nations for the year 1000 BC, for 134 nations for 0 AD, for 120 nations for 1500 AD and for 133 nations for 2000 AD. It is shown that national IQs are significantly correlated with national differences in technological development at 0.42 in 1000 BC, 0.18 in 0 AD, 0.63 in 1500 D, and 0.75 in 2000 AD”.


Richard Lynn (2012) IQs predict differences in the technological development of nations from 1000 BC through 2000 AD, Intelligence doi:10.1016/j.intell.2012.05.008

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